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It is simply good business to be associated with the top business, professional, and civic leaders of your community.  Membership in the Greater Irondale Chamber of Commerce reflects positively on you and the reputation of your business.


As a Chamber member, you can make contacts that are invaluable to your business. You can meet other business leaders just like yourself, share ideas and information, and benefit from each other’s experiences. It is a network that can lead to new business.


If someone new is moving to town, how do they find out about the area businesses?  Most of the time, they will call the local Chamber of Commerce or check the Chamber's website.

Monthly Luncheon Meetings

The second Thursday each month (excluding June and December) is the date for our luncheon meetings. We provide a speaker who addresses topics of interest to our members. We also invite our members to sponsor a luncheon or bring handouts of upcoming events for our front table.

Your political voice

The Chamber works directly at the grass roots level with local, state, and national governmental leaders. The Chamber is the “voice of business” and is involved with the issues that can have an impact on your business and our community.


The Chamber's website provides a listing of current Chamber members - along with their contact information and website link - alphabetically and by category. The Website provides many user-friendly features that aid its members, such as a calendar of events, a newsfeed, and registration and online payment for events.

Weekly E-Newsletter

Each Monday, the Chamber sends out an e-newsletter to its members, as well as others who are interested in the Irondale area. In addition to keeping members informed of Chamber and community events and news, Chamber members are invited to share their announcements and advertising in this electronic form FREE of charge.

Social Media

The Chamber is on Facebook and shares its weekly e-newsletter, as well as other Chamber and members' events and news.


Upcoming Events

Irondale Chamber Classic 2018
Tue May 15 @ 8:00AM -

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